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The Fellows proceed to Rome for the 2nd leg of the Youth Fellowship 2019

Over the month long stay at Rome, the Fellows will meet with various industry experts who will brief them on crucial topics including the rights of indigenous peoples, agrobiodiversity for food and nutrition, food groups, dietary diversity scores, right to seed, and nutrition-sensitive value chain development for IFS while also touching upon farm and forest experiences with indigenous peoples and training the Fellows in project management.

A session with FAO’S climate change, IP Unit and Global Soils Partnership groups is one of the key highlights of the tenure in Rome. In conclusion, the Fellows will present to the IP Advocacy Unit in FAO, on their local food systems which would lead to each fellow developing a proposal for their communities taking from their lessons during their Meghalaya and Rome tour and their exchange with each other. They will then return to their communities to develop and incorporate their learnings in the proposal areas.

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