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PGS (Participatory Guarantee System)

TIP with network partners Keystone Foundations are working with NESFAS to drive the organic agenda in the North East through the PGS certification. PGS-India (Participatory Guarantee System of India) is a quality assurance initiative that is locally relevant, emphasize the participation of stakeholders, including producers and consumers and operate outside the frame of third party certification. Work has been initiated work in three villages of Khweng, Laitsohpliah, Nongtraw village respectively. This was then extended to Dewlieh village due to the availability of time and to reach to the enrollment target of 100 organic farmers.

In each village orientation programs were conducted alongside Farm inspections, appraisals and reading of farmers pledge and basic organic standards. The total number of groups formed were 25, with total number of farmers enrolled being 130.




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