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TIP joins the Dialogue at COP28

The world has gathered again for the crucial UN climate summit of 2023, COP28, held from 30th November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It brings together the 198 signatories to the convention, who meet yearly to review the status of efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects. The main objective of the COP28 Summit is to make progress in tackling climate change.

TIP has been pushing the need for the world to turn to Indigenous Peoples and their wisdom to minimize the effects of urbanisation and industrialisation. Indigenous Peoples' life cycles are in close harmony with nature, their respectful practices and values are derived from this sacred relationship. A delegation of TIP, including partners from Indigenous-led organizations are attending the COP28 Side event to participate in Panel Discussions. These cover different thematics such as Indigenous Peoples' Knowledge on Regenerative Practices, Agroecology and Food Systems, Evidence Generation to Inform Policy and Practice for Scaling healthy Soil Ecosystems, Shifting the Paradigm- Towards Just, Equitable, Low-Emission Food Systems through Agroecology, Regenerative Agriculture and Agroecological Approaches to Address Food Security and Climate Change.

These events have been organized by various organizations, namely The Rockefeller Foundation, IFAD, FAO and CGIAR. The drivers of these conversations and delegation are also their deep research that is ongoing as part of TIP's project in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation. The study investigates Indigenous Peoples' Food Systems (IPFS) through TAPE methodology of the FAO, to find evidence of best IPFS practices that can possibly counterattack the spread of the climate change induced crisis. TIP will use this new project to respond to this evidence gap, support narrative change and positive policy action around IPFS.

The TIP delegation includes- Dr. Dhrupad Choudhury, Advisor- TIP & NESFAS, India; Dr. Francisco Rosado May, Adviser- TIP, Mexico; John Samorai Lengoisa, Indigenous Peoples of Ogiek community, Kenya; and Gratia Dkhar, Senior Associate, Programs, NESFAS, Meghalaya, India.

Photo Caption: Dr. Dhrupad Choudhury (centre) as part of the panel discussion on Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge on regenerative practices, agroecology, and food systems at COP 28.



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