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Mawphlang Food Festival (Nov 2015)

On 7th November 2015, the last day of Indigenous Terra Madre 2015, a public closing ceremony and food festival was held at the sacred grove of Mawphlang. The closing food festival gathered more than 70,000 rural and urban people—making it the first of its kind The event, which was locally called International Mei-Ramew (meaning “Mother Earth” in the Khasi language), was also greatly informed by the close collaboration of 41 indigenous host villages in the three-year planning period leading up to the event.

Open to the public, the festival featured over 40 food stalls from North East India and abroad, handicrafts, a biodiversity fair, a chef’s kitchen, lectures, and numerous cultural performances. The most unexpected and spectacular result of the event was the massive local interest in regional agrobiodiversity, as evidenced by the over 70,000 people who attended the Closing Ceremony and Food Festival at Mawphlang. The organizing team had no idea that the event would create such a strong local response. We were amazed that a crowd of more than 70,000 people turned up at the Closing Festival, compared to our estimate of about 20,000 people.

During the Food Festival, a honey bar has also been organized in Maphwlang in the NESFAS stall. This exposition has been an opportunity for international delegates and local people to taste honeys produced by several different indigenous communities and to implement connections among groups involved in the pollinators network. Source: Tamalpais Report 2016 During the Food Festival held in Mawphlang on 7th November 2015 the following activities have been organized:

  1. Ark of Taste

  2. Honey Bar

  3. Cultural Dances

  4. Biodiversity Fair

  5. ITM Kitchen

  6. Heritage Village

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